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MySQLRouter is lightweight middleware that provides transparent routing between yourapplication and any backend MySQL Servers. It can be used for a wide variety ofuse cases, such as providing high availability and scalability by effectivelyrouting database traffic to appropriate backend MySQL Servers. The pluggablearchitecture also enables developers to extend MySQL Router for custom usecases.

Typically,a highly available MySQL setup consists of a single master and multiple slavesand it is up to the application to handle failover, in case the MySQL masterbecomes unavailable. Using MySQL Router, application connections will betransparently routed based on load balancing policy, without implementingcustom application code.

Load Balancing
MySQLRouter provides additional scalability and performance by distributing databaseconnections across a pool of servers. For example, if you have a replicated setof MySQL Servers, MySQL Router can distribute application connections to themin a round-robin fashion.

Pluggable Architecture
MySQLRouter's pluggable architecture allows MySQL developers to easily extend theproduct with additional features, as well as providing MySQL users with theability to create their own custom plugins providing endless possibilities.MySQL Router currently ships with a number of core plugins, including:
  • Connection     Routing plugin which does connection-based routing, meaning that it     forwards the MySQL packets to the backend server without inspecting or     modifying them, thus providing maximum throughput.
  • The Fabric Cache plugin     which provides transparent MySQL Fabric support to your applications for     additional High Availability, and data Sharding.

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